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We are adding more pictures as they are received.

Videos, Personal Commentaries, Miracles and Photos to follow






The color red is sacred to American Indians. All our medicines and artifacts used in ceremonies are wrapped in the color red. Red represents new birth of the sun (son?) and the color of the east is red. Red is the color of blood. Red is the color of new beginnings, a new day, a new promise, a new birth. Red also signifies the color of the sun: a symbol of energy, radiating its vitalizing life-force into human beings. Red symbolizes one of the four sacred directions.


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Come to the Train Depot on Friday at 5:00 p.m. sharp.  We will have an orientation session, a welcoming ceremony for guests and elders and a reception will follow.

MOMENT T-shirts will be given out and special blessings will be shared by the Elders.


Be on time please.  



All Participants

Train Depot / Farmer's Market:  6:30 a.m.  Forming processionals for Sunrise Ceremonies on TOP of the sacred mountain.  Access by car is limited to handicapped, ceremonial elders, and volunteers. 


Train Depot / Farmer's Market:  9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Seeking Sacred Space

                                                                                                    Speakers, Music, Dancing, Ceremonies

Free Time:  11:30 - 12:30  Lunch and Relaxation


Manataka - Hot Springs Mountain:  12:30 - 2:30 p.m.   Finding Sacred Space - the MOMENT


No Registration Required.  All Event are Free.




We received word from dozens of places around the globe that will be

conducting ceremonies simultaneously with the MOMENT.

England, Australia, Germany, India, Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, Spain

Iowa, Nevada, Wyoming, Arkansas, Maine, Connecticut, Washington D.C.

California, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Utah,

Colorado, Washington, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma,

Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Montana, Oregon,

Delaware, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Kansas,




1:30 - 2:30 p.m. Central Standard Time




A Fulfillment of Prophesy at Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas



Clay pottery artifact discovered on the Hot Springs Mountain at Rocky Roost by Julie Williams, 2012

“...The Moment represents an international gathering of people of all faiths, cultures, races, and backgrounds who will take a step toward recovering the collective soul of all mankind. This collegial effort based in our mutual faith in God as the individual knows the Creator, together in prayer, worship, ceremony, and fellowship represents many of the ideals curative and pastoral we work to achieve." - Rev. Dr. Fred Wilcoxson, Manataka, College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy


On October 20, 2012, thousands of people will join hands, hearts and minds on TOP of the Hot Springs Mountain, a traditional indigenous sacred site known as Manataka. In fulfillment of prophesy, people will come from all walks of life, races and religions to create a circle of love, prayer and Awakening. The Moment will be sanctified in time with the creation of a holy vibration that by the grace of God and through the Holy Spirit, a global emotional and spiritual awakening will occur that is essential to human connection of Spirit and Mother Earth.  The Moment will create a mass consciousness and give birth to a "light that will spread to many lands."  


"When you want something you have never had,

you have to do something you have never done."

From Rev. Thomas Haley, Manataka, Rock Hill Christian Church



"The churches of the world all speak of a hereafter. Those who follow the Christian faith speak of this as being the Kingdom of Heaven, or the Kingdom of God. Some people of the world believe they must die to enter this “Kingdom”; be it Heaven or Nirvana. We must realize that it is not a place, but a state of mind, a state of knowing that you and God are One." - Rev. Thomas M. Haley, Manataka, Rock Hill Christian Church, Hot Springs, AR


Agnostic, American Indian, Baha’i, Buddhist, Christian – Protestant and Catholic, Confucian, Druid, Hindu, Islam, Jainis, Jewish, Mayan, Sami and other traditions of Shamanism, Shinto, Sikh, Tao, Wicca, and Zoroastrian - all are invited to generate this rainbow spectrum of Spiritual Light. You carry with you a vibration from Creator. Please join us. 


Local churches, temples, mosques and synagogues are invited to bring their choirs and ring church bells during the event. Drums, rattles, shofars, conch shells, flutes – however you make a joyful noise -- are welcome


We need more buses to carry people to the TOP of the mountain

from the Train Depot / Transportation Depot

(See Maps)



The Moment is sponsored by spiritual groups and churches of many faiths.

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Awake ye to the realization of this heavenly opportunity. Strive with all the power of your souls, your deeds, actions and words to assist the spread of these glad tidings and the descent of this merciful bounty. ~ Baha'i

"The mind is everything. What you think you become. ~ Buddha



  •   Sunrise Ceremony:  Starting at several locations at the bottom of the mountain spiritual elders will lead processions along forest trails leading to the small park below the Mountain Tower. Choirs from local churches will accompany walkers as they journey upward on wooded paths.  Shofars, made from the horns of unblemished rams and conch shell horns will sound from various locations around the mountain. Sounds and rhythmic beats of deep drums will continue the vibration throughout the ceremony.


 •   Awakening Preparation: After descending the mountain, ministers, rabbis, and spiritual elders of many faiths will speak at  the Train Depot / Farmers Market to prepare the people for the MOMENT.  Groups will be led in prayer and song. 


Presenters from Australia, Guatemala, Norway, Christians, Jews, Muslim, Hindu and more!



Rev. Thomas Haley is an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ.) He is pastor of Rock Hill Christian Church in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Tom is a graduate of Hendrix College, Conway, Arkansas and Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University, Dallas. He has been a minister for over 30 years. He is an author of Anchors in the Storm, Prayers with Wings, Haley’s Comments - A View of Life from Across the Street, Along the Path, God and Son, Inc., The Laughing Jesus, and Listen to the Wind. Tom Haley has always been spiritual and a lover of peace. Tom believes he was sent to Hot Springs and to Rock Hill for a reason. The vision is being revealed in The Moment. He sees the unity and peace of all peoples as essential to hope and survival of the planet. Tom’s vision for The Moment is to see people of all races, creeds, colors, tribes, cultures, religions and social situations come together as one people, spiritually and peacefully, to meet each other as one family of humanity. Peace is within our reach.


Rev. David Hulse, with over 50 years as a Christian spiritual minister, lecturer and author, his mission is to shift consciousness from fear and competition to love and cooperative consciousness. Rev. Hulse is the developer of SomaEnergetics sound therapy techniques, and founder of R.I.S.E. (Research Institute for Self-Empowerment), a spiritual center in Hot Springs, AR. 



Meet Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song, author of "The Impeccable Warrior of Light" and

"Shaman's Art Journal...Self Healing and Enlightenment, Part 1".  Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song is an international Mayan Peace Shaman, spiritual teacher and energy healer.  She is a holy medicine woman donated by Spirit to heal humanity and Mother Earth.  She is the embodiment of the Divine Mother of the universe and showers us with love through prayer songs, sacred ceremonies and teachings.  A miraculous being, she removes shamanic amnesia and mystically quickens our spiritual essence.  As an Impeccable Warrior of Light, she is able to remove pain and limitations, opening doors to our highest destiny!  A descendant of the Maya and Huichol native traditions, Peace Mother was trained in Mayan Soul Retrieval Limpias and Sacred Ceremony by Don Janinto Tzab, one of Mexico's greatest Mayan shamans.  She travels the world, carrying on the Peace Shaman work of her Mayan lineage.  She is a devotee of Gurumayi Chidvilasananda and credits Guru's grace for establishing within her the Sacred Mantras of India.  Peace Mother is gifted with the highest degree of healing sound and her thunderous prayer songs and light-charged sacred ceremony bring healing balance to all beings, the land, water and sky. 


Merriam Joan Handy is the Godmother of Ascension.  She alleviates fears and anxieties by sharing the truth and tools of the coming Shift into the Golden Age.  She answers questions about the Awakening process and walks us gently to understanding  full consciousness, being fully healed and rejuvenated. As a teacher and speaker, MJ lectures nationally and taught thirty-six college courses in metaphysical and spiritual studies.  MJ is an author and developer of educational programs. 


Lizz Wang is a aboriginal Gamilaraay woman from the flat plains of North West NSW Australia, a descendent of the ancient Collarenebri Gamilaraay Mob (Tribe). She is a graduate of Sydney University currently a high school teacher of history and geography in Sydney. She also teaches Aboriginal Spiritualism. Her aboriginal connections can be the key to many inspirations be they material and definitely spiritual. "Lizz is blessed with many insights far beyond this plain and she will use those gifts for the good of all humanity and the Earth Mother.  One day, she will become a leader among her people," says Lee Standing Bear Moore.




Boe Bvshpolawa Glasschild is founder and spirit behind N.O.W.- Nature's Own Wisdom and member of the great Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.  The power of Spirit awakened Boe to embrace the world of the Ancient Ones.  Boe Many Knives hosts Amerindian spirituality, Eastern arts, drum circles, healing lodge, and shamanic workshops throughout southeastern Michigan. Boe believes that Manataka (Hot Springs Mountain and surrounding area) should be declared a sacred site by the government.  "... I believe Manataka is the Jerusalem of the American Indian world," said Many Knives.  He is currently a health mentor for Genesee County Community Mental Health and the University of Michigan at Flint.


Morten Greywolf Storeide of Norway is responsible for making the World Drum Project a reality. The World Drum Project started as a vision of a drum that would travel around the planet. This drum is to be a 'wake-up' call for the people of Earth, to resound with a healing vibration wherever it traveled.  A Norweigan Sami, Birger Mikkelsen  created this special drum. The World Drum has now traveled around the globe 6 times. And on October 20, just one day before it's 6th anniversary, it will be in Hot Springs, Arkansas for The Moment event. When Morten Storeide learned of the Moment event, he felt that he and the Drum 'must' be there, since one of the main purposes of The World Drum is to Unite. Morten was recently elected to the governing board of the Shamanic Organization of Norway.


Grandfather Jorge Ortega brings his big family of Sixth Sun Aztec Dancers in their fourth appearance at Manataka for sacred ceremonies.  The fantastic color and majesty of the 'dansa' is breathtaking.  Every step, every movement tells a story as a prayer to the Creator.  You will never forget the Moment you see, hear and feel this beautiful family.  Come meet them all! 



Our goal is to fill every pew in every church in Hot Springs

and surrounding areas on Sunday following the MOMENT!



•   The World Drum will be presented during the Moment event. First created in Norway by Sami shamans, the famous World Drum will be played by hundreds of people during the Moment. The World Drum has been presented at ceremonies across the globe in hundreds of countries since it was created. The World Drum is the manifestation of a vision of peace, and is a symbol of the Circle of Life and that all are connected.  It is meant to be a wakeup call or awakening for all humanity.


•   Processionals: Spiritual Elders and members of many faiths will lead groups in prayer and song in preparation for the Moment when all hands will be joined on the TOP of the sacred Manataka Mountain. 

(see Maps)




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"A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes. ~ Gandhi, Hindu


"Speak it with your lips and it will become reality"

"The Moment is an Awakening and the fulfillment of prophesy that foretells a time when people of all races come together in a circle of love to give thanks and pray. The Moment creates a mass consciousness and gives birth to a light that will spread to many lands.” ~ Lee Standing Bear Moore


The Story of Manataka

Holy Mother of Manataka - Rainbow Woman

Manataka Sacred Grounds

Warriors of the Rainbow



•   Mini-seminars

 •   Meet-and-greet spiritual elders

 •   Art and music performances


The vision is to bind people together across race, religion, borders, cultures, ethnicity, colors and political conviction in an uplifted vibration for humanity.  The following day, Sunday, October 21 organizers of Moment are planning to help fill every pew in every church in Hot Springs and surrounding area with locals and visitors.


Sign-Up for the MOMENT

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October 20, 2012

Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas



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"...Let There Be Peace on Earth and Let it Begin with me..." -  submitted by Linda Schiller-Hanna

See the Focus Wheel -- Get into the MOMENT!



On October 20, 2012, thousands of people will join hands, hearts and minds around the entire seven mile base of Hot Springs Mountain, a traditional, indigenous, sacred site known as Manataka. In fulfillment of a prophesy found in many of our Native American tribes, people will come from all walks of life, colors, races and religions to create a circle of love, prayer and awakening. The Moment will be sanctified in time with the creation of a holy vibration that by the grace of God and through the Holy Spirit, a global emotional and spiritual awakening will occur that is essential to human connection of Spirit and Mother Earth. The Moment will create a mass consciousness and give birth to a "light that will spread to many lands.


Inspired by this amazing event, Dino has created this elegant pendant in .925 Sterling Silver as a beautiful memento of this auspicious moment in time. This beautifully-detailed pendant measures 1 1/8x1/8" and commemorates the gathering of many peoples and the emergence of "The Rainbow Tribes" around the globe, in fulfillment of these prophecies. A closer look at the design reveals 2 outer circles and the globe within creates the third." Then, there are 8 people surrounding the globe, their arms uplifted in praise. Three represents a moving forward of energy, overcoming the limitations of duality. The energies of expression and manifestation into the physical realms are also found in the number "3" vibration. Eight represents the whole; it is all possibilities in manifestation. And in the Christian belief, 8 is also the number of regeneration, rebirth and infinity. Together, these elements combine to create the master number "11" vibration which represents the most intuitive of all numbers, promoting illumination and deep insight, as well as spiritual harmony. This was the inspiration behind the creation of this pendant.


In addition, this keep-sake medallion has been bathed in the crystal waters of Manataka that flow at the base of the mountain, to further imbue them with these peaceful energies. So even if you cannot be here to join us in this amazing gathering, your new pendant will have been consecrated in prayer and ceremony and will carry the vibrations of all that transpires on this momentous occasion. This unique pendant is sure to become a treasured heirloom to be cherished and passed on from generation to generation.


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