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Drumming at Sunrise Ceremonies

Darrell Grey Eagle Brown (Choctaw), Fred Black Horse Dubay (Apache), Daniel Benitez and Reggie Benitez (Navajo/Taramara)

Cherokee Morning Song

Amanda Morning Star Moore greeting the morning sun

Presenting the World Drum

Linda VanBibber teaches history of the Drum.

Blue with the crystal peace circle that she created.

Manataka Elders:
Becky 'Flaming Owl' Moore, Dr. Fred Wilcoxson,

Lee 'Standing Bear' Moore, Mike 'Eye of the Eagle Feather' Burton, Robert 'Grey Hawk' Coke. (Not pictured: David Quiet Wind Furr, Linda Bear Woman VanBibber, Linda Two Hawk Feathers James, Jimmy Keefauver,)

The Moment

 On top of Hot Springs "Manataka" Mountain


A beautiful experience that continues to radiate in my heart. A warm hug of appreciation to all spirits that shared "The Moment".
-Debbie Spencer


The Moment was so neat, so sacred, so powerful, a one of a kind event. I sure did enjoy it and am honored to be a part of it! A lot of great things came out of it.
-Scott Hooks

It is amazing how awakening comes... our Moment is no different. Some felt the earth shake and the spirit move. Others left wondering what happened. Hearts changed and heads shook. The Great Spirit was present and took inventory. Some seeds were planted, some watered, and some fruit harvested. All in all, it was a huge step toward unity of heart and soul in all who attended. Now we must wait for that moment in the stillness, when the Spirit works.
-Father Fred Wilcoxson

God (Creator) moves in many ways. His miracles perform and work better when 2 or 3 are gathered in his name touching and asking for the same thing.
-Helen 'Red Wing' Vinson

I was there and it was awesome! Thank you to all who participated and to all who made it possible. Most thanks to Creator for bringing it to fruition.
-Healing Hands

Thank you to everyone who came to Hot Springs, without each and every one of you this event couldn't have happened. Thank you to all of the planners for giving us an unforgettable weekend.
-Dan Benitez


World Drum Brings the Light!



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